Frequently Asked Questions - Technical

How to exercise web options?

  1. You can exercise your web options either from logging in from DOST url or directly from payment statement window.
  2. Once you are in payment statement window, you will see “web Options” link(s) enabled against the universities for which you made admission payments. (Rs.100/-).
  3. Now click the link “Click here for web options” to exercise your web options.
  4. You can exercise your web options by selecting your
    • (i) Choice of college and give web options for UG courses of your choice.
    • Or
    • (ii) Choice of UG course and give web options for the colleges that are suitable for you.
  5. Continue to give maximum number of web options.
  6. Your options will be displayed in a table on the same web page.
  7. You can also edit/delete your choice until the closure of the web options date as announced in the important dates in the DOST website.
  8. Click on SUBMIT button to submit your web options.
  9. To exit Click on LOGOUT button.