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Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1 : How can I withdraw from DOST?
Question 2 : I forgot my password. How can i retrieve?
Question 3 : What is DOST?
Question 4 : Already Registered Error OR Some one registered my application without my knowledge. What should I do?
Question 5 : Verification:I have applied for more than One University. Should I get verified in all the universities that I applied for?
Question 6 : I have paid Registration Fee.I am not able to login.
Question 7 : What should I need to remember after registration?
Question 8 : I have paid registration fee and not able to exercise web options.
Question 9 : I have received my application number but I am unable to login.
Question 10 : I lost my Mobile phone. What should I do?
Question 11 : Can I go to any helpline centre nearest to me for the purpose of verification?
Question 12 : I can not find my Village in the address field while filling application form
Question 13 : Can I change my web options after submitting my application?