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Welcome to DOST- 2017

Degree Online Services, Telangana (DOST) welcomes you to take online admissions for undergraduate courses through this online service for the academic year 2017-18.
DOST is a friendly and effortless way to apply for undergraduate courses.
DOST helps you in choosing your favourite undergraduate course with all the information you wish to have.
DOST minimizes your efforts and maximises your choices to opt for an undergraduate course.

What is New in DOST 17 ?
Only one Registration Fee for all the six universities. Rs.100/- only.
Web options can be given across all the universities with prioritizing the universities too.
Biometric Authentication in collaboration with all eseva centers and Help Line Centers in Telangana State.
Application Filing made simple for Non-BIETS and outside the Telangana students.
More Number of New Courses introduced by various universities- more choices.

Choose your options carefully. Read the information bulletin, Reports and FAQ's. Contact Help Desk Centres, if needed.

Universities Of Telangana

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Admission Information


  • You Fill in the "Student Details Form" only once.
  • You have to pay Rs.100 only once for all universities. You may apply in all 6 (six) universities in Telangana.
  • You may apply for unlimited number of colleges within a university.
  • You may apply more than one combination with in the permitted undergraduate programme.

Do's & Dont's

  • Do give as many options as possible.
  • Use a valid Mobile Number of self or trusted family members.
  • Donot Share your:
    1. Mobile Phone Number used for the registration Purpose.
    2. Application Number received by you.
    3. Aadhar Number used for the registration purpose.
    4. Caste Certificate Number.
    5. with others or Internet Centers.

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